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KontactApp & Engineering Society University of Malaya Career Engagement Talk

Wednesday, 15th April 2021


KontactApp & Engineering Society University of Malaya (PKUM) Career Engagement Talk

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KUALA LUMPUR, 15th April 2021- We are delighted to announce the first successful collaboration between KontactApp and the Engineering Society University of Malaya (PKUM).


KontactApp is an innovative job search platform for contingent workers.  PKUM is one of the earliest established society in the university and the largest society in the faculty. The collaboration will see employers on the KontactApp platform engage in the talk with PKUM students, to discuss internship and employment opportunities.

KontactApp CEO & Founder, Rowan Pearce said, “KontactApp matches student internship dates with company internship start dates. On our platform students are happy because they don’t get phone calls from companies asking about start dates, and companies don’t have to call up ten students to find the one that can start at the right time. The talk was a huge success and we believe will result in lots of opportunities for students.”


PKUM’s President, Shee Loke Yang, said, “we are really pleased with the result of our first career engagement talk with KontactApp. We had over 100 students participate and get to meet some great companies. Our students will be connecting with these companies over the KontactApp platform over the coming weeks for internship and job opportunities.”

The 2 hours long career engagement talk saw 4 companies, Biovic Sdn Bhd, JF Technology Berhad, ON Semiconductor and Vinda Group SEA to discuss important aspects of internships and jobs with students from the PKUM students and will be engaging directly with them through the KontactApp platform.

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