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Survey, ROV & Inspection

Managing personnel in the survey, ROV & inspection sector is different than construction and drilling. Most requirements are ad-hoc with two days notice, making it extremely difficult to source and vet personnel on time, and manage their timesheets to ensure invoicing meets finances deadlines to ensure a healthy cashflow.

KontactApp is your total management system to help you track your previously hired surveyors, ROV Pilots and 3.4u inspection engineers  allowing you to re-hire them on short notice. When times are busy, you can't afford to lose track of the personnel you previously hired!

KontactApp is bespoke software being used by numerous survey and ROV companies - KontactApp is the most specialist, purpose built software for managing survey, ROV & inspection personnel in the market.



Managing hundreds of drilling crews across multiple projects is extremely tedious and gives rig administrators little time for more valuable tasks. Rig admins are continually cross checking personnel training certificates  against contractual requirements to ensure compliance. Scaling up operations puts even more strain on rig admin teams.

Factor in doing this for your staff, direct hires and personnel supplied by manpower companies and the probability of error is high. 

Using KontactApp, drilling companies can streamline drilling crew administration from database management, timesheets & expense claims, and even automate training certificate compliance.


Connecting your offshore crew via mobile app directly to your KontactApp ecosystem, managing drilling has never been easier, giving your rig admin team more time on managing and de-risking drilling operations.

Don't settle for marine crewing software. KontactApp is bespoke software built for managing offshore Oil & Gas personnel.

Construction & Maintenance

Construction & Maintenance

Offshore construction companies manage hundreds of riggers, welders, fitters and numerous other categories of personnel. The administration behind bulk tracking of personnel, bulk moblizations, and document filing is a huge task, often resulting in "slippage."


Slippage is not your teams fault, its a fact of repetitive, tedious and manual work and results in non-compliance and delayed invoicing, which strains your cashflow.

KontactApp's mobile app is your ideal method to stay connected with the thousands of riggers you have in your database, streamlining mobilizations, and seamlessly managing the hundreds of timesheets being submitted monthly. Staying on top of operations means you can invoice & get paid on time so you can stay on top of your businesses cash flow.

Streamline, automate and digitalize today with KontactApp - bespoke software for managing Oil & Gas personnel.



Onboarding contract workers an take up to 3 months for large companies. For a 7 day job, this doesn't make sense.


KontactApp vendor management system allows operators to build their ecosystem of pre-approve vendors, and onboard contract workers via these vendors quickly. 

Furthermore, operators can set project HSE compliance requirements for their vendor personnel and get a birds eye view of total workforce compliance de-risking operations.


KontactApp is your bespoke Oil & Gas 3rd party vendor personnel management system. 

Manpower & Staffing

Manpower & Staffing

Manpower & Staffing companies have an extremely difficult job of having two customers - contract workers and hiring companies.

Talent retention and client happiness are what drive manpower & staffing company success. 

KontactApp helps you track and retain your talent via mobile app. Your contract workers can update their CV , certificates and availability directly to your team giving you access to real-time information resulting in quicker placements.

KontactApp's mobile app gives your contract workers a central platform to manage their entire work with you from their agreements, timesheets, invoices & claim. Intuitive automation means it takes a contract worker less than 1 minute to create and submit their timesheet and invoice so they can focus on their job.

KontactApp is an end to end manpower management system built exclusively to managing contract workers from database management, timesheets & claims, to agreement & invoice generation. For manpower & staffing companies, no system will help drive your bottom line more than KontactApp.

Consultancy & Professional Services

Due to the nature of the highly skilled subject matter expertise, consultants are often hired on an ad-hoc basis and jump from project to project.

Consultants are often responsible for sourcing and building a pipeline of work for themselves.

Using KontactApp, consultancies can give pro-active consultants an easy and intuitive way to regularly update their CV and availability directly to them in real-time. Knowing when consultants are available for work and having access to their latest documentation helps consultancies make quicker hiring decisions and drives revenue.

KontactApp is bespoke software built for managing highly skilled, highly paid field based technical consultants.

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