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Oil and Gas, Energy & Renewables

The offshore Oil & Gas, Energy & Renewable industries requires highly skilled, geographically dispersed consultants operating on day rates. To get the work done as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible, you need the right people on short notice.


KontactApp's 2 sided platform allows your consultants to update their availability in real-time directly to your fingertips.  


Once you've direct hired them, you can auto generate contracts and manage their day rate timesheets, invoices & expense claims all through KontactApp, giving you absolute transparency.


Trucking & Logistics

Truck driver and operators are independent contractors, hired on a per trip basis. The speed in which companies can track their network of drivers availability means more deliveries, and more deliveries means higher revenue. 

Using KontactApp, trucking companies can build their network of drivers and track their availability in real-time.


Once hired, drivers can submit their day rate timesheets, invoices and claims directly to the company for approval.  



Construction projects are project-based, and you may not be able to maintain and maximize contract profitability with traditional employment methods. Projects are complex and tedious to manage, and the sheer volume of craft workers often required to be hired on short notice, across geographies, is a distraction you don’t need.

Using KontactApp companies can build and track their worker database for quick engagement. Once hired, manage their timesheets and claims on 1 platform.



Drive better results and reduce risk by sourcing locum staff and temporary workers quickly, when you need them. You rely on many locum staff and non-clinical temporary workers to keep your healthcare facilities running smoothly.

Imagine being able to see your entire network of locums availability, the moment you need them. KontactApp's 2 sided platform allows your locums to continually update their availability directly to you, in real-time.


Once hired, locums can submit their day rate timesheets, invoices & expense claims for your finance to process. 

High Tech

High Tech

Technology companies rely on an external workforce to help them react quickly to market changes and source specialized skills to fuel new product development.

Timekeeping is essential when supplying tech professionals to work on your clients projects, whether on site or remotely. 

On KontactApp, you can give your clients access to your professionals timesheets to approve them, improving workflow.



Constant downsizing and upscaling due to the COVID pandemic, has made it difficult to keep track and source the talent you once knew. Previous talent pipelines have fragmented due to travel restrictions. The cyclical nature of tourism makes it imperative to be able to scale up as quickly as you can scale down.

Using KontactApp, you can keep track of previously hired workers to engage them in the future on a contract basis whether for longer contracts, or even for short term events. Being able to filter based on availability will save you time and money.


Insurance & Banking

The insurance & banking industry often needs to source in-demand resources such as actuaries, data scientists, back office and IT staff that are now highly sought-after by other industries. A huge, physically present sales force means a high turnover rate. To succeed in such a market, you need fast access to highly skilled workers.

KontactApp lets you build a vetted database of contract workers, and track their future availability. Often different team members need to approve timesheets and using KontactApp improves workflow processes and approvals.


Professional Services

Companies rely on consultants to optimize their team and gain access to the skills they need to stay competitive. Consultants help businesses boost agility, acquire skills and scale their workforce up and down to meet demand.

Due to the nature of the industry, consultants are often field based. Keeping track of consultants in clients offices, or in the field often means back office paperwork administration such as day rate time keeping and claims. 

KontactApp gives consultancies 1 platform to track all administration associated with their field consultants, day rate timekeeping and on the road claims. 

Professional Services

Internships &

Fresh Graduate

Often overlooked as contingent workers, interns have very specific and inflexible internship dates. Managing hundreds of CVs submitted through email and company websites result in sifting through piles of printed CVs.


Internship & Fresh Graduate

Universities we work with

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