An Independent

Contractor's Burden

Friends will think you are lucky. You seem to have a lot of free time.

Life is good they’ll say – after all, you get paid in US dollars!

Yet, they don’t know the difficulty independent contractors in the energy

industry face.

The temporary nature of work in the industry (average job duration ranges

from 1 day to 12 months), specialized skills by job type, and the tendency

to work for multiple operators across multiple geographies creates a

complex job search ecosystem.


Modern job search wasn’t designed for the contract workforce in mind -

try hiring someone with 3 days' notice on LinkedIn!

This is the burden of contract work.

There is a huge disconnect between the contract workforce and

employers, separated by one thing – availability. It’s not a problem of not knowing someone who can do the job, the issue is finding that one person who is actually free to do it!

Availability, and lack of technology to manage it, means independent

contractors rely on their own personal network and referrals. After each

job, a contractor will update their CV and send it out to their network

hoping their availability will match with an employer’s project. Multiply

this by the millions of contract workers in the industry, and the

inefficiency is staggering.

KontactApp, a platform built around matching and sharing of availability,

was founded to bridge the disconnect between the contract workforce and

employers. In fact, we are laser-focused on tackling everything

surrounding availability. Everything else is secondary.

Given IR4.0 and the global shift to a contract workforce, sped up by the

COVID pandemic, we believe our offering is transformational. We hope

that our platform delights you, and welcome you on this journey with us.