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What is KontactApp?

KontactApp is a marketplace that connects active job seekers, to the businesses that want to hire them.


Job Seeker

Job seekers build their profile and upload their CV on to KontactApp, and can immediately be contacted by businesses looking to hire them. Download the app below.


Businesses looking to hire, login via our dashboard and can immediately search for available candidates based on their profile and CV. Register for a login below.

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KontactApp alerts job seekers as your profile is viewed by employers.


KontactApp is free for job seekers.

Direct Hire

KontactApp is not a middleman. Employers hire job seekers direct.


KontactApp presents job seeker profiles to all employers on the platform.


KontactApp makes the connection between job seekers and employers.


KontactApp connects job seekers to businesses, instantly.


How It Works

  1. Candidates upload their CV and availability via KontactApp

  2. Businesses search for candidates based on their profile and availability.

  3. Businesses contact and hire candidates directly.

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‘One word: Excellent! 

!Kontakte very nicely, takes care of contractors and their availability.’

Bhalinder Singh - ROV Pilot and Supervisor


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