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Software To Manage Your
Offshore Personnel

For O&G businesses to streamline their offshore personnel's timesheets, invoices and expense claims.


We combine 22 years of O&G  heritage with 20 years of software development experience.

KontactApp is being used by companies in the
Subsea, Survey & ROV, Drilling, Construction and Manpower sectors.

Why KontactApp?

We come from 22 years of O&G personnel management heritage, combined with 20 years of software development experience.

KontactApp was built to streamline and automate how businesses hire and supply offshore personnel.

We designed our software for day rates. KontactApp is built to process day rate timesheets and day rate invoices.

We built in automation. KontactApp generates tedious and repetitive documents for you such as offshore personnel contracts and invoices.

We're a two sided platform. KontactApp gives your offshore personnel mobile app access, so they can create and submit their timesheets while offshore, in the field or in transit, for your approval.

We streamline workflow. One platform for your Operations, Project Management and Finance departments to access what they need.

We are customer focused. We want every user at your company to love using KontactApp, including your offshore personnel.


Your offshore personnel will be able to manage each project you assign them via mobile app from receiving their contract and travel documents, to creating and submitting their timesheet, invoice and expense claims.​

Lastly, we kept it simple. You'll be able to use KontactApp after a 15 minutes demo.

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Through KontactApp, your workforce can update their CV & availability directly to your company, keeping your ecosystem up to date.
Having accurate and updated CVs & certificates speeds up hiring.
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Build your pipeline of consultants.
Add all your applicants, freelancers and contract workers to your ecosystem and let them update their details directly.
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Contract workers
Candidates profiles were designed for the day rate industries.
We focus on what matters, like availability and certificate expiry, and removed the noise so you can hire faster.
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Connecting your company to your consultants and contract workers.

Unlike most recruitment databases, KontactApp is a two sided platform that lets your company stay connected with your network  and build a pipeline of workers, leading to more hires.

Digitize & streamline your workforces timesheets, invoices & expense claims.

Reduce time processing timesheets, invoices and expense claims by 90% using KontactApp letting your team focus on what matters - the next hire.
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