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Built for managing field teams in the
Energy & Renewable sector.

Database management, timesheets, expense claims,
training matrix compliance...automated.

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Why KontactApp?

It's not for everyone - it's for operations.

We've spent 17 years working in operations departments in the Oil & Gas industry. 

Ops is the unglamorous, under appreciated, underbelly of every organization where every problem and every tedious task somehow gets pushed to.

The complexity of operations is because Ops work with every department - project management, finance, payroll, HR, and they all need data from Ops. So operations have scattered spreadsheets for everything, usually with multiple people working on them.

Operations need a platform that brings simplicity to their complex world. Not an out of the box platform that doesn't work and just means something else to worry about.

It's because of this that we've made KontactApp intentionally for operations. You won't see features for anyone else, or any other industry.

Who uses KontactApp? At first, we did. We used it internally for 2 years. We gave our staff the option, keep using spreadsheets if you find it easier. None did.  Now big and small operations departments in subsea, survey, ROV, construction and drilling companies use it. It wasn't built for anyone else.

So reach out to us and see what we've built, just for you.

We combine 22 years of O&G  operations experience with 20 years of software development experience.

KontactApp is being used by companies in the
Subsea, Survey & ROV, Drilling, & Construction sectors to improve efficiency.

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Through KontactApp, your ops team can manage your field staff.
Have your field staff create and submit their timesheets, invoices and claims via mobile app directly to your ops team.

Or have your ops team create them for your staff.

Whatever is easiest. 
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Connecting to your field staff is easy.
Partition your workforce into categories so they are easier to manage for your team.
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Contract workers
Finally, a database management system built for Oil & Gas.
We focus on what matters, like availability and certificate expiry, and removed the noise so you can mobilize faster.
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Connecting your company to your field staff.

Unlike most platforms, KontactApp is a two sided platform that lets your company stay connected with your field teams. 

Digitize & streamline your field staff timesheets, invoices & expense claims.

Reduce time processing timesheets, invoices and expense claims by 90% using KontactApp.
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